Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekly Juice Review; Johnson's Creek [Like our facebook page and find out about weekly specials on johnson's creek Smoke Juice and others]

Johnson's Creek Smoke Juices
Premium Pipe Tobacco flavors
-:J.C. ORIGINAL –This everyday vapor has mellow but complex tobacco tastes. You'll love the nutty notes that combine with a sweet grain finish and the subtle undertones of caramel and vanilla.
-:MAKANA -A fruit punch that is truly a gift for your taste buds. Allow Makana™ to tease your palate with its cornucopia of flavor.
-:SOLSTICE - We start with fresh juicy watermelon then add a splash of raspberry and honeydew, and finish it off with a clean, crisp cooling ice
-:RAINIER- Rainier is the premier wild and sweet member of the cherry family. Its smooth and sweet notes make it a perfect fit for an all day go-to vape-sauce.
-:TUNDRA – The most intense menthol experience you will find. A realistic menthol tobacco flavor,
-:DOMESTIC - A classic tobacco flavor, perfect for those looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes.
-:TENNESSEE CURED - This rich and smoky tobacco flavor will charm you from the first puff with hints of burnt caramel and vanilla that combine with a smooth, mesquite vapor
-:ISLAND - If you like Pina Coladas… man do we have the Smoke Juice for you. We start with juicy pineapple and freshly cracked coconut and then layer it over oh-so-subtle hints of rum and a smooth caramel laced tobacco.
-:MERANGO - Like picking your own strawberries and taking the first bite, Merango™ brings Spring in the form of smooth vapor and sweet and juicy finish.

-:VANDA - A heavy, creamy base that results in a devilishly delicious vanilla custard that can give any dessert a run for its money.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2nd Day of the New Year at the Vape Lounge San Clemente

It's the New Year...
and we have new merchandise for you to come and check out!!

-= New hybrid Squire Mods starting at sixty dollars =-
(kraken by vicious ant also shown)

-= New Kraken Genesis style tank by Vicious Ant =-

Be sure to come in to the +San Clemente Vape Lounge and check out all our new gear to keep you vaping in the new year!!!

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

half-a-day left

            Getting toward that
half-a-day left in the year point.

We want you to come and get 10 PERCENT off all juices in the store!! Only 12 hours left on this deal better get in before the year ends!!!
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our spotlight-juice of the week this holiday
Featuring five flavors ranging from fruity-floral to captain-crunchy.
This line comes in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg of nicotine

Another week has gone by and we know your anxiously awaiting the juice-of-the-week review. This weeks juice is a staple in our collection of masterpieces, known primarily for its Big Stick flavor: Ice Maiden. Majestic e-juices create a plethora of taste-bud delights and we believe there is sure to be a flavor for you in this line, (or else we wouldn't promote it).

[Crown Jewels]
At the vape lounge life is peachy, so naturally we get excited for peach flavors! Crown Jewels is the most peach forward flavor we think you can find. Most other manufacturers create peach-blended flavors which is why this juice excels. It is simply smooth mellow peach flavor and nothing else and although the flavor stands alone it still embodies everything a great tasting juice should.

 [Queens Garden]
Very interesting and distinctive floral tones with mild fruity notes. This juice is hard to put your finger on. Imagine the best smelling floral aroma mixed with a light fruit exhale. This is truly one juice you have to try to understand a very interesting and unique favorite amongst vape enthusiasts everywhere!

Think of honey crisp, papaya, mango, honeysuckle, and all other melons blended into one mega-concoction what you get is a guillotine of chopped fruit. If ever there was a flavor that was all flavors, this is it. Its difficult to say which fruit elements are noticeable as over-all its fruit intensity confuses the senses.

[Ice Maiden]
We have certain flavor-memories from our past that create instant feelings of euphoria and nostalgia. For most the Big-Stick popsicle is one of those flavors we could never even choose to forget. And for those who like to be nostalgic, thankfully, Ice Maiden was made. The true embodiment of everything big-stick flavor-wise, this is the go-to juice in this collection. More bottles-per-capita of this juice leave our shelves than we'd like to say, so get your hands on some before we have to re-order!

[Royal Guardsmen]
More flavor associations: your favorite childhood cereal captain crunch is now available in an e-juice. More specifically Captain Crunch Berries this flavor is a real treat. Although it may seem impossible, it has been done; put a bowl of cereal into an e-cig flavor. This is the definitive crunch berry treat which ultimately adds to the distinctiveness of this unique juice line

A very unique sauce; this is one that we categorize as undefinable. There is no way to describe this juice; but it has hints of hot cinnamon on the finish and initially a strange earthy floral taste. Very foreboding, but another distinct and diversified flavor which makes Majestic::e-juices one you'll have to try to know.

Come to the SC Vape Lounge today and try them all to see why this juice made our weekly review for yourself.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Why should you
come in to theVape Lounge?
We'll tell you why...
 We have the single largest selection of e-juices in south orange county. You will find we carry more manufacturers, (which means more flavors) than any other vape shop in town
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Its freekin' Christmas...
...So we decided to do the wrapping for you!!!
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